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We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our great reviews confirm it. We strive to make every step of your experience with us as easy, stress-free, and enjoyable as possible. From start to finish we communicate with you promptly and thoroughly. Our friendly and happy techs will provide you with the best experience of any window cleaning company in Chicago. Guaranteed! We serve everyone that comes our way as kings and queens regardless of the price of your job. Watch for us and say hi. You'll likely find us in Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, West Town, Loop, Lakeview, and Logan Square on almost any given day.

We love Chicago. So we exist to help Chicago shine. We utilize our business
window care services to accomplish this in four unique ways:

  • We help your business’s windows shine by providing you our subscription
    window cleaning services. We help your windows shine so the vibrancy
    inside your business is displayed and reflected to the world outside.
  • We help our employees shine through our career discovery &
    development program - launching them into the work they were made to
    do (partnering with VitVox).
  • We help at-risk youth shine through our work skills development
    internship program (partnering with Future Steps).
  • We help our city’s air shine by riding bikes to provide our services.

Window cleaning that makes you shine

Your windows are the visual storytellers of your business to passersby. Clean windows catch the eye and speak to the mind the story of the vibrancy customers will experience inside.

We provide you with subscription window cleaning package options that will fit your budget. Let our trained, uniformed, insured, and happy window technicians bring you and your customers the delight of clean windows.


Urban Street Window Works cleans our office windows and I LOVE the service they provide! The windows always look great, every employee has been friendly and very helpful and they're reasonably priced!


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A few of our happy clients...


Window repair that saves you money.

Graffiti etching and acid are unfortunate problems in major cities. But there's no need to worry if or when that happens. 

Let our trained technicians bring our GlassRenu system and buff your glass back to a restored state. For a fraction of the cost of replacing your glass, we can come to your storefront and remove the etching in an hour or two.


We opened a new business in Bucktown, and Urban Street Window Works got our windows repaired and cleaned so well that our window signs look amazing!

Casey Galanti,

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A few more happy clients...


Window film that protects you in more ways than one.

Window film provides needed protection for your glass in various situations. We provide Anti-Graffiti Film to protect your glass from acid and etch vandalism; Security Film to protect your storefront from a quick smash and grab; and Solar Film to protect your interiors from UV damage, reduce cooling costs, and to provide privacy.


Great company. Quick response.  Amazing job! Incredibly nice people to work with. Highly recommend!

Anne Pillow Olsen,

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Even more happy clients...

Meet the team...

Matt Sneller of Urban Street Window Works

Matt is a musical kind of guy. He can often be heard belting out a song in the office or found tapping out a drum beat with his hands. This cat’s got rhythm. Matt likes to move too. He skateboards like a pro and he even just ran the Chicago Marathon!

Rohan Patel of Urban Street Window Works

Rohan came to Urban Street by way of Google. He searched “How to make money by bike?” and the internet brought him to our door. To illustrate the uncommon nature of Urban Street technicians, not only does Rohan have a degree in business he’s also a professional Jiu Jitsu fighter!

Tom Stillwell of Urban Street Window Works

Tom is the elder statesman of Urban Street. As the operations manager he makes sure that Urban Street runs like a well oiled machine and the customers are treated like kings & queens. When not riding herd on the Urban Street crew Tom is a professional comic book writer and amateur grillmaster.

Benny Smith of Urban Street Window Works

The first thing you’re going to notice about Benny is his smile. Like, this guy is always happy. Start of the day, end of a long day...it doesn’t matter. Benny’s gonna be flashing you a big ol’ smile. If happiness were an infectious disease Benny would be Patient Zero.

Rob Underwood of Urban Street Window Works

Rob loves to bike. He lurves it. Rob loves riding bikes so much that he quit his cushy job at a bank just so he could be out all day riding around and cleaning windows. Rob’s vacation from biking ten miles a day for Urban Street? Wait for it...riding his bike from Chicago to Kansas City.

Scott Baermann of Urban Street Window Works

Scott is the founder and owner of Urban Street Window Works. How he had time to start a window cleaning empire is hard to fathom...Scott has four...count them...four children!!! Despite the craziness that comes with raising a lovable brood of kids, Scott has created a business where clients and staff are treated with respect and much care. He also enjoys a good cigar every now and again.

James Kearney of Urban Street Window Works

James is a DIY-aholic. If it can be built, James can do it. Need a new desk? He’s on it. Want to throw up some walls and make a new room? James is your man. He’s a handy guy to have around. James also has an encyclopedic knowledge of The Office which comes up at Urban Street disturbingly often.


Everyone at Urban Street Window Works is super friendly, they do great work at a very reasonable price!

Jasmine Rayman-Kinney,

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with our service, we will return as many times as necessary to make it right. If in the end you are not satisfied with all our efforts, we'll give you your money back.

$1 Million in Liability Insurance

Protect your business. Only work with fully insured window cleaning professionals.

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